Broward Camera Club Competition 10's
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A2-GBH Wheel-Spruance A2-Parked Wheels-Einhorn A2-spining wheel-story A2-Wagon Wheel-Rich Levi
A2-GBH Wheel-Spruance.jpg A2-Parked Wheels-Einhorn.jpg A2-spining wheel-story.jpg A2-Wagon Wheel-Rich Levi.jpg
G1-Afternoon in the CountryBill Sprung G1-Bringing Home Lumber-Kwavnick G1-Got Lunch-story G1-Night Crown Heron-Rgore
G1-Afternoon in the CountryBill Sprung.jpg G1-Bringing Home Lumber-Kwavnick.jpg G1-Got Lunch-story.jpg G1-Night Crown Heron-Rgore.jpg
G1-oldjoe-Marshall G2-I Have a Cavity-Rozenberg Mia G2-Tongue In Cheek-SprungGloria G3-Draped in the flag-Marshall
G1-oldjoe-Marshall.jpg G2-I Have a Cavity-Rozenberg Mia.jpg G2-Tongue In Cheek-SprungGloria.jpg G3-Draped in the flag-Marshall.jpg
G3-Fetching Twigs-Bernie Berg G3-Into the  Night-SprungGloria G3-Takeoff-Kwavnick G3-The Boss-story
G3-Fetching Twigs-Bernie Berg.jpg G3-Into the Night-SprungGloria.jpg G3-Takeoff-Kwavnick.jpg G3-The Boss-story.jpg
G4-Red-winged Blackbird-Spruance G4-Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly-Hartmann G4-Some LIke it Hot-story G4-Spoonbills Galore-Einhorn
G4-Red-winged Blackbird-Spruance.jpg G4-Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly-Hartmann.jpg G4-Some LIke it Hot-story.jpg G4-Spoonbills Galore-Einhorn.jpg
G4-Squawking-Bernie Berg G4-Sunset-Rozenberg Mia G4-Water Drops-Rich Levi  
G4-Squawking-Bernie Berg.jpg G4-Sunset-Rozenberg Mia.jpg G4-Water Drops-Rich Levi.jpg
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