Broward Camera Club Competition 10's
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A1-Osprey by  Moonlight-Spruance A1-Twenty Eggs-isaac A2-Concentric Archways-Rozenberg Mia A2-Sand Picture-Bill Sprung
A1-Osprey by Moonlight-Spruance.jpg A1-Twenty Eggs-isaac.jpg A2-Concentric Archways-Rozenberg Mia.jpg A2-Sand Picture-Bill Sprung.jpg
A2-Shapes at the Museum-Bernie Berg A2-Through the Pipes-Rgore A2-Yin Yang-isaac G1-Bad Green Hair-Spruance
A2-Shapes at the Museum-Bernie Berg.jpg A2-Through the Pipes-Rgore.jpg A2-Yin Yang-isaac.jpg G1-Bad Green Hair-Spruance.jpg
G1-Down the Hatch-Rgore G1-Fishing in the Morning Fog-Kwavnick G1-Going Somewhere-isaac G1-Gossamer Wings-SprungGloria
G1-Down the Hatch-Rgore.jpg G1-Fishing in the Morning Fog-Kwavnick.jpg G1-Going Somewhere-isaac.jpg G1-Gossamer Wings-SprungGloria.jpg
G1-Having a Meal-STORY G1-To The Finish-Rich Levi G2-Alstroemeria-SprungGloria G2-Colored Smoke-Rich Levi
G1-Having a Meal-STORY.jpg G1-To The Finish-Rich Levi.jpg G2-Alstroemeria-SprungGloria.jpg G2-Colored Smoke-Rich Levi.jpg
G2-Green Cay Nightfall-Einhorn G3-Buttonbrush-Kwavnick G3-Dancing Redish Egret-isaac G3-GBH Alarm Clocks-Spruance
G2-Green Cay Nightfall-Einhorn.jpg G3-Buttonbrush-Kwavnick.jpg G3-Dancing Redish Egret-isaac.jpg G3-GBH Alarm Clocks-Spruance.jpg
G3-Hard to Get-Rgore G3-Sunflower-SprungGloria G3-Yellow Flower-Bernie Berg G4-Showing My Colors-Kwavnick
G3-Hard to Get-Rgore.jpg G3-Sunflower-SprungGloria.jpg G3-Yellow Flower-Bernie Berg.jpg G4-Showing My Colors-Kwavnick.jpg
G4-Tattoo Artist-SprungGloria      
G4-Tattoo Artist-SprungGloria.jpg
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