Broward Camera Club Competition 10's
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A1-I Won't Miss-Bill Sprung A1-Up and Over-Kwavnick A2-Coming to Home Stretch-Einhorn A2-Flying High-Kwavnick
A1-I Won't Miss-Bill Sprung.jpg A1-Up and Over-Kwavnick.jpg A2-Coming to Home Stretch-Einhorn.jpg A2-Flying High-Kwavnick.jpg
A2-Flying-Raulson A2-I am taller than you-SAL FOTO A2-Lebron 2 Points-isaac G1-Got You-SAL FOTO
A2-Flying-Raulson.jpg A2-I am taller than you-SAL FOTO.jpg A2-Lebron 2 Points-isaac.jpg G1-Got You-SAL FOTO.jpg
G1-High Tide-Einhorn G1-Sleepy-Raulson G1-Three of a kind-SprungGloria G2-Nightfall-Einhorn
G1-High Tide-Einhorn.jpg G1-Sleepy-Raulson.jpg G1-Three of a kind-SprungGloria.jpg G2-Nightfall-Einhorn.jpg
G2-Out of my Reach-SAL FOTO G2-Pet Race-SprungGloria G3-After the Rain-Kwavnick G3-Crowd Control-Friedland
G2-Out of my Reach-SAL FOTO.jpg G2-Pet Race-SprungGloria.jpg G3-After the Rain-Kwavnick.jpg G3-Crowd Control-Friedland.jpg
G3-Dogfight in Lake Worth-Bill Sprung G3-Snail Kite with catch-isaac G4-Butterfly-isaac G4-Double back flip-Raulson
G3-Dogfight in Lake Worth-Bill Sprung.jpg G3-Snail Kite with catch-isaac.jpg G4-Butterfly-isaac.jpg G4-Double back flip-Raulson.jpg
G4-Dusk-Rozenberg Mia G4-Handsome-Raulson G4-Having a Cool Drink-Kwavnick G4-Snowy Water Dance-Spruance
G4-Dusk-Rozenberg Mia.jpg G4-Handsome-Raulson.jpg G4-Having a Cool Drink-Kwavnick.jpg G4-Snowy Water Dance-Spruance.jpg
G4-Spaceship Earth and Moon-Friedland G4-Turbulent Ocean-Einhorn G4-Waiting for the right shade-SAL FOTO G4-White Heron in Flight-SprungGloria
G4-Spaceship Earth and Moon-Friedland.jpg G4-Turbulent Ocean-Einhorn.jpg G4-Waiting for the right shade-SAL FOTO.jpg G4-White Heron in Flight-SprungGloria.jpg
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