Broward Camera Club Competition 10's
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A1-Big Drip-Bill Sprung A1-Cardnial Woody-STORY A1-Castle Geyser Eruption-Rozenberg Mia A1-Down the Drain-Rgore
A1-Big Drip-Bill Sprung.jpg A1-Cardnial Woody-STORY.jpg A1-Castle Geyser Eruption-Rozenberg Mia.jpg A1-Down the Drain-Rgore.jpg
A1-Oil and Water-Rich Levi A1-Straight no chaser-J Marshall A1-Tern Splash Down-Spruance A1-Wave-SprungGloria
A1-Oil and Water-Rich Levi.jpg A1-Straight no chaser-J Marshall.jpg A1-Tern Splash Down-Spruance.jpg A1-Wave-SprungGloria.jpg
A2 - Hot Stream Cascade - isaac A2-Carolina Cascade-Heimlich A2-Karob-Rich Levi A2-Minnow Snatch-Spruance
A2 - Hot Stream Cascade - isaac.jpg A2-Carolina Cascade-Heimlich.jpg A2-Karob-Rich Levi.jpg A2-Minnow Snatch-Spruance.jpg
A2-Plop!-SprungGloria A2-Waterfall-Bill Sprung G1-Circle Around-SprungGloria G1-Imploding-isaac
A2-Plop!-SprungGloria.jpg A2-Waterfall-Bill Sprung.jpg G1-Circle Around-SprungGloria.jpg G1-Imploding-isaac.jpg
G1-Mottled Duck Family-Spruance G1-Wako Sunrise-Rgore G2-Tern Ariel Recovery-Spruance G2-Watch the Landing-STORY
G1-Mottled Duck Family-Spruance.jpg G1-Wako Sunrise-Rgore.jpg G2-Tern Ariel Recovery-Spruance.jpg G2-Watch the Landing-STORY.jpg
G2-White Egret Deluxe-isaac G3-Artist with Straw Hat-SprungGloria G3-Draging Uphill-isaac G3-In the Spotlight-STORY
G2-White Egret Deluxe-isaac.jpg G3-Artist with Straw Hat-SprungGloria.jpg G3-Draging Uphill-isaac.jpg G3-In the Spotlight-STORY.jpg
G3-Redwing Blackbird, Male-Heimlich G3-Spoonbill-Rgore G4-Droplet-SprungGloria G4-Lion inside the Ngorangora Crater-Spruance
G3-Redwing Blackbird, Male-Heimlich.jpg G3-Spoonbill-Rgore.jpg G4-Droplet-SprungGloria.jpg G4-Lion inside the Ngorangora Crater-Spruance.jpg
G4-Now What was I Doing--STORY G4-Out of Place-Rgore G4-Pacman Frog-isaac G4-Sunrise-Kwavnick
G4-Now What was I Doing--STORY.jpg G4-Out of Place-Rgore.jpg G4-Pacman Frog-isaac.jpg G4-Sunrise-Kwavnick.jpg
G4-Triicolor Heron Juveniles-Einhorn      
G4-Triicolor Heron Juveniles-Einhorn.jpg
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