Broward Camera Club Competition 10's
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A1-Early Morning Cruise-Kwacnick A1-Miami Sky Line-Rich Levi A1-NewYorkPilings-cotti A1-Univ Tampa Skyline-Treadwell
A1-Early Morning Cruise-Kwacnick.jpg A1-Miami Sky Line-Rich Levi.jpg A1-NewYorkPilings-cotti.jpg A1-Univ Tampa Skyline-Treadwell.jpg
A2-Miami Sunset-SAL FOTO A2-New York Cloud-isaac A2-Not such a nice day-Bill Sprung A2-Passau-SprungGloria
A2-Miami Sunset-SAL FOTO.jpg A2-New York Cloud-isaac.jpg A2-Not such a nice day-Bill Sprung.jpg A2-Passau-SprungGloria.jpg
A2-Stars Over Platt Street-Treadwell A2-Sunrise from the Other Side-Kwavnick G1-Crystal Sphere-Rich Levi G1-dimitri's flower-cotti
A2-Stars Over Platt Street-Treadwell.jpg A2-Sunrise from the Other Side-Kwavnick.jpg G1-Crystal Sphere-Rich Levi.jpg G1-dimitri's flower-cotti.jpg
G1-Feeding The Birds-isaac G1-Long Pine Sunrise-Treadwell G1-Lunch-Raulson.jpg G1-Refresh Time-Einhorn
G1-Feeding The Birds-isaac.jpg G1-Long Pine Sunrise-Treadwell.jpg G1-Lunch-Raulson.jpg.jpg G1-Refresh Time-Einhorn.jpg
G1-There Once Was a House-Kwavnick G2-Almost Fall-Bill Sprung G2-Glass Spears-Rch Levi G2-Nature's Beauty-Einhorn
G1-There Once Was a House-Kwavnick.jpg G2-Almost Fall-Bill Sprung.jpg G2-Glass Spears-Rch Levi.jpg G2-Nature's Beauty-Einhorn.jpg
G2-Posing-Kwavnick G2-RockHarbor sunsetcapecod-cotti G2-storm over Miami-Story G2-The Midas Touch-Treadwell
G2-Posing-Kwavnick.jpg G2-RockHarbor sunsetcapecod-cotti.jpg G2-storm over Miami-Story.jpg G2-The Midas Touch-Treadwell.jpg
G2-Total Solar Eclipse-isaac G2-Twins-Raulson.jpg G2-Where's Mom-Mia Rozenberg G3-After the Storm-Treadwell
G2-Total Solar Eclipse-isaac.jpg G2-Twins-Raulson.jpg.jpg G2-Where's Mom-Mia Rozenberg.jpg G3-After the Storm-Treadwell.jpg
G3-Baby unk-SAL FOTO G3-I'm not ugly-Raulson.jpg G3-Morning Ride-Kwavnick G3-Pollination-isaac
G3-Baby unk-SAL FOTO.jpg G3-I'm not ugly-Raulson.jpg.jpg G3-Morning Ride-Kwavnick.jpg G3-Pollination-isaac.jpg
G3-Shy Gentoo-Schaeffer G3-Snow Leopard-Spruance - Copy G3-Soldier-Rich Levi - Copy G3-Under the pier-Story - Copy
G3-Shy Gentoo-Schaeffer.jpg G3-Snow Leopard-Spruance - Copy.jpg G3-Soldier-Rich Levi - Copy.jpg G3-Under the pier-Story - Copy.jpg
G3-Wading For   Breakfast-Einhorn - Copy G3-Woodstork-SprungGloria - Copy G4-Bringing Home Lumber-Kwavnick - Copy G4-Defining Power-isaac - Copy
G3-Wading For Breakfast-Einhorn - Copy.jpg G3-Woodstork-SprungGloria - Copy.jpg G4-Bringing Home Lumber-Kwavnick - Copy.jpg G4-Defining Power-isaac - Copy.jpg
G4-Drama At Bear Lake-Treadwell - Copy G4-The Blue Angles at Navy Pier-Spruance G4-Three's The Charm-Einhorn  
G4-Drama At Bear Lake-Treadwell - Copy.jpg G4-The Blue Angles at Navy Pier-Spruance.jpg G4-Three's The Charm-Einhorn.jpg
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