Broward Camera Club Competition 10's
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A1-Slurp!-SprungGloria A1-The Old and the New-Kwavnick A1-Window to the SKY-SAL FOTO A2-Inevitability of New News and Old Scotch-Lapitan
A1-Slurp!-SprungGloria.jpg A1-The Old and the New-Kwavnick.jpg A1-Window to the SKY-SAL FOTO.jpg A2-Inevitability of New News and Old Scotch-Lapitan.jpg
A2-Western Exposure-Einhorn G1-Bubble Man-Bill Sprung G1-Mature Cow Boy-Bland G1-Otter-Rgore
A2-Western Exposure-Einhorn.jpg G1-Bubble Man-Bill Sprung.jpg G1-Mature Cow Boy-Bland.jpg G1-Otter-Rgore.jpg
G1-Steel Sculpture-Einhorn G2-chevy truck-Marshall (1) G2-Float Like a Butterfly-Kwavnick G2-Giant Fly wearing shades-Heimlich160912
G1-Steel Sculpture-Einhorn.jpg G2-chevy truck-Marshall (1).jpg G2-Float Like a Butterfly-Kwavnick.jpg G2-Giant Fly wearing shades-Heimlich160912.jpg
G2-Looks good enough to eat maybe-Story G2-St. Stephens Cathedral-SprungGloria G2-Tatoo Santa-Bland G2-The sky moves while the ground stays still-Lapitan
G2-Looks good enough to eat maybe-Story.jpg G2-St. Stephens Cathedral-SprungGloria.jpg G2-Tatoo Santa-Bland.jpg G2-The sky moves while the ground stays still-Lapitan.jpg
G3-Morning Stretch-SprungGloria G3-Niagara Whirlpool-Bill Sprung G3-Soft Landing-Einhorn G3-Sun beams at Pomano pier-Story
G3-Morning Stretch-SprungGloria.jpg G3-Niagara Whirlpool-Bill Sprung.jpg G3-Soft Landing-Einhorn.jpg G3-Sun beams at Pomano pier-Story.jpg
G3-Sunrise Calm-Kwavnick G4-Aloft-SprungGloria G4-Cormorant Breakfast-Spruance G4-In flight-Rgore
G3-Sunrise Calm-Kwavnick.jpg G4-Aloft-SprungGloria.jpg G4-Cormorant Breakfast-Spruance.jpg G4-In flight-Rgore.jpg
G4-Just Checking-Kwavnick G4-Sunrise Over MOREA-SAL FOTO    
G4-Just Checking-Kwavnick.jpg G4-Sunrise Over MOREA-SAL FOTO.jpg
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